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Help....What to do in Boston??????

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I am coming up to Boston (from NYC) for the first time this weekend with a few buddies of mine. I am seeking some advice as to where the "hot-spots" are and which night(s) would be recommendable to go.

To provide a quick bio of ourselves, we are not bar people. Instead we are avid club/lounge types who love house/dance music and trendy dress up type atmospheres (no jeans etc).

To put it in simpler terms...we like to be in places where dance music prevails..Grey Goose vodka and not beer is the drink of choice.. and the crowd is dressed up with girls wearing backless tank tops with white spandex pants.....

Your help is much appreciated.

(recommendations on late night locations would be great as well)


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I like your style....

My recomendations would be Pravda, Aria (both in the theater district), then possibly the Modern on Landsdowne.

Your biggest challange will be finding the right music... combining good house/lounge with a good atmosphere can be challanging out here... good luck!

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"nyis4meatheads"....... thats an interesting username.

I guess there aren't many "meatheads" in Boston.

Well, there will be 4 of them roaming around this weekend.

No, I shouldn't say that.

Just because we do excessive drinking and participate in extreme touching/groping with beautiful females while we have on our trendy tight fitting clothes to show off our physiques all the while acting like Neanderthal cavemen with no respect for anyone or anything doesn't mean we are meatheads does it?

Oh wait, it does.

Well, if you ask me, I think we get a bad rap!!!

I appreciate your advice as to where to go......

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