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Manic Monday...

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Anyone else's monday suck a fatty cock? I feel like im like schleprock from the flintstones.. that lil faggot fuck with the cloud above his head that it always rains on and is always depressed and bad shit happends to him on the reg... damn... i think Travis said it best... why does it always rain on me???


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<~~~~>Had a pretty shitty Monday....:(

Sick as a dog, catering to the Nazi's I call bosses....Nothing but unappreciation (SP?) surrounding me! I always try and look on the bright side, but not today...no brightness....just dark dark shit!

But I'm glad it's Tuesday, because now we're only 3 days away from Friday...but the bad thing is there's this "thing" on Thursday....ahhh, fuck it! Pass me the razor blades! :mad: :mad: :mad:

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6 o clock already

i was just in the middle of a dream

i was kissin valentino

by a crystal blue italian stream

but i can't be late

cause then i guess i just won't get paid

these are the days

when u wish your bed was already made


anyways...hairdresser....off on mondays!! but still this darn thusday dilema! LOL...BLAH!

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