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Looking For Dancers

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China Club is looking for dancers for MONDAY nights. We need 3 sexy hot girls and 1 sexy hot guy. You must have a hot bod! You'll be wearing skimpy outfits.

If you're interested and have EXPERIENCE dancing on stage or on a box, if you don't mind being groped, possibly getting naked, if you are OPEN-MINDED and Just want to make a buck...

email the following:

Age (must be 21-25 or really HOT)




hair/eye color


and a photo (NO NUDE)

(girls - photo must have face and body in hotpants/underwear)

(guys - photo must have face and shirtless in hotpants/underwear)

Email to: [email protected]

You will receive a response IF WE ARE INTERESTED with details for an audition.

China club management

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Well, if you've been to China in the last few weeks you would have noticed some extreme changes from the front door all the way thru the club, there is a new attitude, more "user" friendly per se, Clubplanet is just a way to pass the word on that the CHINA CLUB is still here and is NOT going anywhere!!!

Whether you believe the post or not, DANCERS will be found and the plan will continue...to make CHINA the most mind-boggling NON-drug induced experience you can have...

Until then...

[email protected]

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Guest bellaragazza
Originally posted by bigpoppanils

ok ill do it

but there are some minor details that you should be aware of

i'm kinda overwieght, have a wooden peg leg and i'm missing an ear

that won't be a problem will it?


LMAO!!!!! :laugh:

you forgot to mention your eye patch dear!!!

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