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my car got HIT~!~!~!

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Originally posted by joeg

Hey, is that your car in your sig? :tongue:

Post some pics, That sucks, it was a nice wrx too.

i feel bad... but for the shit he pulled earlier on the fake crash post, ain't it a bitch when Karma comes and bites you in the ass?

Hope scooby isn't too broken.

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Originally posted by barslut

I hear your gonna pay drunken mexicans to pit it with a paint brush. Dont get volks there too rice.

Yeah, I agree about the rice, but they're so light... I like black/gunmetal... less ricey.

I like a little rice sometimes... Its kind of the fun in a compact japanese car. Its when people rice out a vette or firebird, or even worse, a mercedes or something that I get nauseated.

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