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leather pants

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I still think leather pants are cool but it all depends on the place and atmosphere you're wearing it for.

As for the top to wear preferably something tight to the body as well...not a muscle head shirt but something snug. If you wear something loose it just looks funny.

Suggestion of brand tops you can wear with leather pants:

-custo barcelona


-wilke rodriguez

-some kenneth cole & banana

or whatever you like but make sure it's a little snug and avoid wearing all black - it will just look like your going to a rock stars funeral. :eek:

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Ahhh...the shoe how can we forget that...

I usually just wear plain ole' black shoes, may it be kc, prada, lazzeri, aldo or payless (not!!!)...as long as it's black it's all good.

Now you have a complete ensemble to wear with your leather pants.

Oh and a final tip.....NEVER wear thong undie with leather pants....not that I've done it or anything....but imagine the sweat build up :D:eek:

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