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tony draper>>>


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check it out, its like this........

this xmas, tony draper made another promo cd that sounded nothing like his style at all. It was very tribal, with songs like dirty dancing, burnin up, etc on the cd, as well as samples of rhythm ready, evil story, and blackout. My guess is that he is testing new waters. After all, Tony used to always open with hard tribal.

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Originally posted by donvito

That cd is really good. My guess is if more people heard this cd, there wouldnt be nearly as much draper haters.

i think i would liek draper if he spun like that.... i heard a lil hip hop was in it... but still... can draper mix??? :blown:

track selection matters... but whats the use if you cant mix?? ...

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Originally posted by rissaisabella

ummmm dirty dancing is robbie riveras track ..draper isnt that talented

seriously, draper suddenly stopped making his cheesey tracks and made dirty dancing, NO WAY, its Rivera. Drapers cd was totally diff. shit then his normal stuff he spins, I believe Burning Up, Wonderland, some other shit was on this years Christmas CD, but again Draper didnt definetely didnt make this song and if you think he did, try doing this......:blown:


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Originally posted by djcalvin

heheheh u know what rivera's mix don compare to drapers draper did a lot a better mix than rivera~!

Give me your home address and full name, im gonna send you a check for $10,000 to start and then more after as time goes on to visit a Doctor, Draper didnt remix this song, if he wanted to, he sucks so bad, they wouldnt even of gave him permission. Seriously please :blown:, thanks. :rolleyes:

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