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i just got a raise!

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Wow, what a way to start your weekend!!!! Drinks are on you tonight!

You know in my entire life I don't think I have ever gotten a raise.. isn't that messed! The last job I had everyone in the company got a 7% pay-cut:mad: how awful is that!?!

Don't cry for me though... after leaving that crappy firm I got over a 30% pay increase :D :D :D I'll say it again, getting laid off was the best thing that ever happened to me!!!

Congrats Sue! Now when you go for your revue, see if they'll give you ANOTHER raise!!! HR & Payroll are usually so ass-backwards that anything can happen!!

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yeah i only tend to get signifigant raises when i change companies

from lids to bradlees --- +24%

from bradlees to Delias -- +25%

this was your standard 5% but hey i will still take it! no bonus but then again no one in my area got one so i dont feel that bad. company did well compared to the rest of the market, but still did not make financial goals.

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