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Trance vs. House

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House Music

I feel it has more soul to it, more feeling. Better to move to.

Trance is ehhh. I know i'll kick myself the next time i'll hear an incredible trance record but the majority of house records are better than trance ones.

it's my humble opinion. you might think different.

I percieve trance as European, where they are in love with melodies( I don't know why.)

I picture cracked out e-heads sucking on pacifiers and staring at glowsticks.

I use to like trance but that was before someone exposed me to real house music.

And not necessarily hard house, deep house, progressive, acid etc. I mean all house. Even though today the genre lines seem to be blurring a little bit.

but what the fuck do i know anyway?

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Guest saleen351

I was taught that house and progressive house are different..... so I like progressive house better then house and trance........ all about energy............

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I feel that many people in the NY area do not like Trance because they truly dont know what real Trance is. They hear some songs here and there from what a progressive house DJ adds into his set everyonce in awhile or maybe hear a song randomly every so often. But I really feel if people in this area, gave it a chance....and searched out the songs that some top Trance DJ's are spinning...NY/NJ would start to like it and be transformed into a trance population.

Check out these tracks and tell me if you think they have energy...listen closely to all elements of the tracks:

Dumonde - Memory (Original mix)

Meridian - 6.3

Arcane - Somewhere (Dave Swayze remix)

Honestly I like NY house as well...but that was the stepping stone to helpig me appreciate trance...and now that I do...I like trance much more (but of course I still like alot of house stuff..Rivera is off the hook these days!)

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This might sound contradictory, but hear me out........

In a club, I want to listen to house music because it makes me want to dance and i feel more alive with the crowd......

In my car, or at home, or chilling on a beach, I want trance....much more relaxing.

DJ's who can incorporate both are at the top of my list.

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