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what is whistle?

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hey i was reading through some of your responses to the question about why philly gets no love.....pretty much gave me some good insight into the bullshit that is delaware ave......but i noticed two things.....the 2 am law that you people say isnt helping, is that really a statute, i coulda sworn that evolution claimed 3:30 and that other places claimed 6 am....and the most important question of this post, what is this whistle 4 business....if someone could send me some sort of information about where and when this might take place and what its all about etc. i would appreciate it greatly

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clubs, like EVOLUTION , transit. can serve till 3 am and close at 330 they open at 10 pm like the other club

cause they have a different liceenese . the other clubs in philly can only serve till 2 am alcohol

but all the clubs in philadelphia can have a 6 am closing time for specil events (big dj s , annversary, etc

whistle is the east coast largest dance music event .it is an all ages event but the dance music crowd is getting older and promotion for the next one will be geared more for the older heads with the dj line up and how it is promoted .any questions for whistle please email me back [email protected]

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