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How I realized some boys* are dogs ::the kitty version of pigs::

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long time ago...

So I was with a group and we began discussing bisexuality and lesbianism ::after we saw the cutest girl couple pass us by holding hands:: The girls were ordinary at most, but one of the boys* ::cuz thats what he is:: says "what i wouldnt give to see those two". . . so we all laughed and everything ::cuz he practically looked like he was going to get hard then and there::

ANYWAY ::kitty is getting past the point:: I began on how lesbians are portrayed in porns as beautiful blond women with huge tits, and if you ever saw a latin or african american woman be a lesbian youd be like "wow thats awesome. . . we need more of those" ::cuz there hardly are any ethnic lesbo porns::

My point is ::if i can ever get to it:: this convo lasted forever and we ended up arguing over the fact that most of the boys i was with said that if they ever saw a "overweight" ::cuz the words they used were just not appropriate to post :blown::: lesbian or bisexual woman they would gag at the thought of her and another woman because it would look too "butch" ::whatever the fuck that means::. . ."ohhhhhhh noooooo but its different with two skinny ::or ordinary:: women thats beautiful!" :rolleyes:

well it didnt end there but... i dont wanna get into it anymore...gives me a headache...just thought i would vent, see who else has noticed this discreet double standard!

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I think your thread should read "boys" are dogs. Real men dont have this problem - ofcourse, how many real men are out there is a different thread.

I have dated a bisexual that was latin and a bit chunky - she was mad fun. I have also been friends with and continue to be with bis and lesbians of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

The typical male your discussing is a boy caught up in some overrated fantasy society has pounded into him since he was a child. Unfortunately, society perpeuates this fantasy in mass media but there is hope. At least you have shows like Queer As Folk and Will and Grace that have opened the door for better education. Granted the body types and backgrounds are not what you're looking for, but in the bigger picture, what a big step this has been. Just a few more...

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