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Sasha/Digweed Delta Heavy 2002 Spring Tour

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(New York, NY February 20, 2002) Nothing you do will prepare you for it. Make no mistake, Sasha and John Digweed¹s Delta Heavy Spring 2002 Tour will be the most unforgettable, surreal DJ event to ever hit America. The DJ experience can and should be more, and they couldn¹t be happier about raising the bar.

Pioneers of DJ culture, Sasha and John Digweed are once again planting the seeds of change with the Delta Heavy Spring 2002 Tour. This time, they aren¹t simply bringing their amazing music, but an entire arsenal, including devastating sound provided by the amazing Phazon Sound System, their own specially designed visuals provided by Imaginary Forces, plus interactive lighting that will respond to both the crowd and music. Each venue installation will be built from scratch and the production values will set a technological benchmark for DJs and herald the definitive S&D experience.

The Delta Heavy Spring 2002 Tour isn¹t just different, it's a revolution a reinvention of the DJ experience.

Playing together, Sasha and John Digweed are already legends. To legions of discriminating fans, they represent something magical and vital. They¹ve done so by remaining true to themselves and doing what felt right. It¹s that sincerity-coupled with their formidable talent-that has made them favorites with American crowds. From extensive U.S. tours to their celebrated residency at New York City's Twilo, their ecstatically praised performances have captivated hearts and minds. And with Delta Heavy, they¹re taking things even further.

The Delta Heavy Spring 2002 Tour is being produced by Kevin Lyman, President of Immortal Records Touring and Events, who produced the Warped Tour and worked in conjunction on the Lollapalooza tours. Kevin now brings his expertise to the world of electronic music. "It's a new challenge to bring the creativity of electronic music to a multitude of diverse venues" says Kevin. "It's also an honor to work on the first Delta Heavy, because it¹s a long term project. Hopefully, the Delta Heavy name will become synonymous with quality".

While the magnitude of the Delta Heavy Spring 2002 Tour¹s scale of production will elevate it into the consciousness alongside shows put on by Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, U2 and Jane¹s Addiction, the DJ duo are determined to not only make the events special, but also personal.

"Since we've did our first tour in OE96, we've watched the American scene grow and hopefully we've grown with it," says John and Sasha. "The Delta Heavy tour gives us an opportunity to play in cities we¹ve never played in before and bring something special to each and every event."

Helping spread the message is Imaginary Forces. Visionaries behind the mesmerizing opening credit sequence in the film Seven, among many other high profile projects, Imaginary Forces aren¹t simply providing the visuals for each event, but are leading a national campaign to establish an entire aesthetic. Karin Fong, creative director of Imaginary Forces says, "For us, developing the Delta Heavy experience means creating the story and look for their entire identity. Delta Heavy represents a OElost civilization¹ that has a past, present and future. Using a tribal theme, we've designed alter-egos for Sasha and John and are expanding the family of characters to include Jimmy Van M. Between all of us we are developing a concept as strong as the music, creating a world with both a sense of mystery and a sense of humor. We are experimenting with ways of connecting with an audience regardless of whether they are at the gig or reading about us in the media."

Co-conspirator to the Delta Heavy Spring 2002 Tour is New York's Jimmy Van M. Not only did he help develop the Delta Heavy concept, as the opening DJ, he is the master of ceremonies, setting the mood for each event. "Together with Sasha and John, we will use Delta Heavy to provide future support to the artists, DJs and music we believe in," he says. Like their music, with the Delta Heavy Spring 2002 Tour, Sasha and John Digweed are pushing out the boundaries of perception and imagination. It will be the event by which all other DJ events are judged.


March 23 Miami-Arena

March 28 Montreal-Sona

March 29 Boston-Avalon

March 30 Philadelphia-Electric Factory

April 2 Albany-Northern Lights

April 4 Rochester-Waterstreet

April 5 Toronto-Kool Haus

April 6 Detroit-Michigan Fairgrounds

April 11 Pittsburgh-Metropole

April 12 New York- May Change

April 13 New York- May Change

April 14 DC-Nation

April 17 Columbus-303 South Front

April 18 Indianapolis-Egyptian Room

April 19 Cleveland-Agora

April 20 Chicago-Allstate Arena

April 21 Minneapolis-Quest

April 22 Kansas City-Uptown

April 24 Phoenix-Web Theatre

April 26 San Francisco-Bill Graham Civic

April 27 Los Angeles-Coachella

May 3 San Diego-Sports Arena

May 4 Las Vegas-HOB/TBA- May Change

May 10 Portland-Exhibition Hall

May 11 Seattle-Chad¹s Warehouse

May 15 Salt Lake City-Salt Air Pavilion

May 17 Denver-Fillmore

May 18 St. Louis-Pop¹s

May 21 Atlanta-Tabernacle

May 23 Austin-Music Hall

May 25 Houston-Verizon

May 26 Dallas-Bronco Bowl

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