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An ode to the scent of sex. . .

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Nothing can describe this smell that spews from your. . . . . . pores :grin:

I love it. . .I love to have my scent on the man's chin who so slickly claimed my puss. ::ooooOOOOoOO::

I love the musky snuff that lays within the boxers of a stiff raw man ::groOOWWLlll::

And most importantly, I loveeeee the smell of sweat and wetness, heat and juices that flow from a long, hard session of sticky, leaky, love makin. . . . . . . ::AAHhhhhhhh::

and you damn well know the juices are flowing when you have the master bedroom's windows steamed up. . . ::oh yeah!::

summer ::you with your humid heated days::. . . .will you ever arrive and make some more musk? :)

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a buddy of mine had a playstation in his room, and one day after a spirited session of madden football, i wiped my sweaty hands on his sheets to dry them....nasty nasty nasty...it is only good if it is yours!

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