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Jonathan Peters Live track Listing

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Disc 1:

1. Let The Sunshine In - Fifth Dimension (JP remix)

2. Hold On - Sarah McLachlan (BT mix)

3. Manufactory - Jonathan Peters

4. Every Single Sound - Hard Attack (That mix)

5. I'm So Crazy - Fabio The Fab/Sergione (Subliminal Chant mix)

6. Wir Tanzen In Der Nacht - Monica Kruse (Original mix)

7. What Do You Desire - Jonathan Peters

8. Columbia EP - Paul Van Dyk (Out There mix)

9. Electric Deluxe - Christian Varela (2.0 mix)

10. Put You Through It - Jonathan Peters

11. Shaker, The - DJ Manu

12. One Love - Thomas Schumacher

13. Work It - Ignition Technician

14. Klasichna - Luygi Van

15. I Wonder - Nomad (Jonathan Peters remix)

Disc 2:

1. Follow Me - Alyus (Jonathan Peters remix)

2. Trippin' - Andrea Brown (original) / Trippin' - Andrea Brown (remix)

3. Derker Departures (Highlands) - Def E

4. Skin Deep - Pappa & Gilbey

5. So Strong - Ben Shaw/Adele Holness

6. Shadow, The - Simon Boble/Redback (Original mix)

7. Funk-A-Tron - Robbie Rivera (Crazee remix)

8. Fear - Worf (Beeper mix)

9. Going Through It - Jonathan Peters (Main mix)

10. Trinkling Down Your Mind - Jonathan Peters (Main mix)

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I thought they were gonna be dong al album with Luz...

so it makes sense if that's true not to throw any of her songs on the compilation.

even if they aren't, he's still smart, because those vocals can be heard at SF, and SF only... so having a particular singer and tracks just for that party, is the devil himself thinking IMO.

If Celeda's tracks wouldn't leak or get signed or be made into an album, those would be the ideal tracks for the Be Yourself party. no?

He rocked this past Sunday morn, had a good time.

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