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Has anyone seen.....

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i am undecided. this was one my favorite book of the Vampire Chronicles and from what i read in reviews and reading on the movie website, they totally butchered the book.

(if you read the book) they left out Lestat, Gabrielle and numerous other characters and they did not include dthe STory of the Twins (which is intergral story to the main plot)

i know the movie is never as good as the book, but i think i will come out of the movie pissed. ::mad: has anyone read the book and scene the movie? how does it compare?

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nice you read anne rice's books too....well I haven't read Queen of the Damned yet, I'm going to start this week. I thought the movie was good, I mean they couldn't include much of the book b/c it's only 120 min...but books are always better...

Seriously I think in those 120min they did pretty good job ....

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