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So Were can I find the best..

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Originally posted by 420

Is NYC the only city were they still sell weed with seeds in the bag?:confused:

please:rolleyes:, i never get shit with seeds.

my girl in FL has problems getting nice bud, while im over here trying to decide which type i would prefer for the specific occasion.

i get really nice shit from a few sources, all over this area & upstate...

whether you are in new york or FL, there is nice bud to be found, its just a matter of your connections. i suggest you go out and meet some new ones if you're buying nick bags on the corner :laugh:

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Originally posted by 420

Is NYC the only city were they still sell weed with seeds in the bag?:confused:

I doont know what kind of shwag they are slinging on the corners of brooklyn, but here in manhattan the delivery services have better buds than in BC, Amsterdam, or anywhere else in the world.

and to answer you other question, the best places for weed in the us:


2.oregen/northern cali




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I get some high quality shit here in CT from many different sources in the next town over (Stamford, CT). Northern Lights, KB, Mango, Purple Haze, and Ganja are plentiful. In my town though, which is 5 miles away, there is some major crap. Usually regular junk with a lot of seeds and stems. My guess though, being so close to the city is that it comes from NYC. So yes, NYC weed kicks good ass. The best weed I ever bought on the street, though, was when I lived in Buffalo (prolly Canadian). The best weed I ever had period, is from this guy from Amsterdam that I buy online from time to time. The best ones that he sells are Bubble Gum and Santa Esmerelda. Check out his menu on my post below this one. Its like God's weed menu: :D

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4077 Medicinal Leaf© $US 15.00 1/gram

A+ $US 13.50 1/gram

Afhani Delight $US 12.50 1/gram

B-52 $US 12.50 1/gram

Bangkok Bang $US 13.50 1/gram

Bubble Gum* $US 14.50 1/gram

Bubble Lite $US 15.00 1/gram

Budha sister $US 14.00 1/gram

Cali Orange© $US 13.50 1/gram

Chaing Mai High $US 14.50 1/gram

Christal Leaf $US 13.50 1/gram

Citral $US 12.50 1/gram

Colombian* $US 11.50 1/gram

Crystal Haze $US 14.50 1/gram

Cyber Cristal $US 14.00 1/gram

Diamond Shiva $US 14.50 1/gram

Double Bubble $US 15.00 1/gram

Edelweis $US 14.50 1/gram

Grasstasy© $US 15.50 1/gram

Haze $US 14.50 1/gram

Heavens haze $US 15.00 1/gram

Jack Herer* $US 13.50 1/gram

Mangolian Indica© $US 13.00 1/gram

Maui Kush© $US 14.50 1/gram

NL#5 X Haze $US 14.50 1/gram

Northern Lights $US 13.50 1/gram

Orange Bud $US 11.50 1/gram

Orange Victory $US 11.50 1/gram

Outdoor Wobbler© $US 13.50 1/gram

Outdoor Weed Dutch $US 10.00 1/gram

Plang $US 13.00 1/gram

Prix Special $US 14.50 1/gram

Power Plant $US 12.50 1/gram

Punta Blanco $US 12.50 1/gram

Red Hair $US 12.00 1/gram

S Skunk Special offer* $US 45.00 5/grams

Santa Esmeralda* $US 14.50 1/gram

Sensi Star* $US 14.50 1/gram

Shiva $US 13.50 1/gram

Silver Pearl $US 15.00 1/gram

Silver Skunk $US 12.50 1/gram

Soma Skunk#5 $US 13.00 1/gram

Sterren Mix $US 13.50 1/gram

Super Citral $US 14.50 1/gram

Super Skunk* $US 12.50 1/gram

Supreme Widow $US 13.50 1/gram

Thai* $US 13.50 1/gram

Thai Special offer* $US 33.00 3/grams

Victory $US 12.50 1/gram

Viking $US 12.50 1/gram

Warlock Haze* $US 16.50 1/gram

White Russian $US 15.50 1/gram

White Tiger $US 13.00 1/gram

White Widow* $US 14.50 1/gram

Ww/Himalaya $US 15.00 1/gram



Ak-47* $US 14.50 1/gram

Bazoeka Joe $US 11.50 1/gram

Blue berry Ice $US 12.50 1/gram

Cristal Punch $US 13.50 1/gram

Dutch Dynamite $US 12.50 1/gram

Fishermens Friend $US 16.00 1/gram

G-13 $US 15.00 1/gram

Hell Raiser $US 14.00 1/gram

Himalaya Gold $US 13.50 1/gram

Irie Lion $US 14.00 1/gram

Jamaica* $US 11.00 1/gram

K2* $US 13.00 1/gram

Kabouter* $US 13.50 1/gram

Kahuna $US 14.00 1/gram

Kali Mist* $US 14.50 1/gram

Mary Cristal $US 13.50 1/gram

Master Bud $US 11.50 1/gram

Mexican $US 11.50 1/gram

Mystify $US 13.00 1/gram

Nebula $US 12.50 1/gram

Orange skunk $US 12.50 1/gram

Peace Maker $US 15.00 1/gram

Purple Haze $US 14.50 1/gram

Red hair $US 11.00 1/gram

Sensimilia Purple $US 13.50 1/gram

Swazie land $US 11.00 1/gram

Snow white* $US 14.50 1/gram

Sticky Fingers $US 13.00 1/gram

Super Haze $US 14.50 1/gram

Top 44* $US 11.50 1/gram

Thai-stick $US 12.50 1/gram

The Wobbler© $US 13.50 1/gram

White Misty $US 14.50 1/gram

White Wizard $US 13.50 1/gram

Widow Kush $US 13.50 1/gram

X-Rated $US 14.50 1/gram

Yellow Cab© $US 14.50 1/gram

Medicinal Hashish Menu:


Afghaan* $US 11.50 1/gram

Afghaan special offer $US 45.00 5/grams

AK-47 Polm $US 18.50 1/gram

Black Bombay $US 14.00 1/gram

Caramella $US 18.50 1/gram

Cinderella 99 $US 15.50 1/gram

Dark Pressed $US 13.50 1/gram

Double Zero $US 21.50 1/gram

Dutch Moonshine Skuff $US 25.00 1/gram

Dutch Moonshine Super* $US 35.00 1/gram

Dutch Moonshine Super+ $US 40.00 1/gram

Ganesha $US 14.00 1/gram

Indian Charas $US 13.50 1/gram

Kali $US 11.50 1/gram

Kashmir $US 15.00 1/gram

Katama Polm $US 11.50 1/gram

Ketama Gold $US 15.00 1/gram

King Hassan $US 18.50 1/gram

Lebanon $US 24.50 1/gram

Maroc* $US 12.50 1/gram

Maroc Special $US 15.00 1/gram

Maroccan Shoes $US 16.50 1/gram

Malana Dabba $US 15.00 1/gram

Malana Cream $US 19.50 1/gram

Manali $US 12.50 1/gram

Manali SL $US 18.50 1/gram

Nepal Creme $US 19.50 1/gram

Nepal Polm $US 18.50 1/gram

Nepal Super $US 18.50 1/gram

Pakistan $US 11.50 1/gram

Pakistan Super $US 13.00 1/gram

Parvati $US 13.50 1/gram

Pollen* $US 12.50 1/gram

Pollen Dark $US 14.50 1/gram

Polm $US 11.50 1/gram

Premier Cru $US 21.00 1/gram

Primera $US 15.00 1/gram

Puntjes* $US 12.50 1/gram

Royal $US 15.50 1/gram

Sahara $US 16.50 1/gram

Sahara Gold $US 18.50 1/gram

Skuff* $US 19.50 1/gram

Spoetnik $US 14.50 1/gram

Super Hash $US 14.00 1/gram

Super Malana $US 18.50 1/gram

Super Maroc* $US 15.50 1/gram

Super Polm $US 13.50 1/gram

Super Primera Gold $US 17.50 1/gram

Super Skuff $US 25.00 1/gram

Super Tbizla $US 19.50 1/gram

Superior $US 19.50 1/gram

Temple Ball* $US 17.00 1/gram

Tbizla $US 19.50 1/gram

Turkish Cream $US 24.50 1/gram

Warm Ears $US 14.50 1/gram

Zero Zero* $US 11.50 1/gram

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