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Happy Birfday Ms. Fierydesire!


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Okay kiddies I know this is a few minutes early, but I had to wish Zehra a happy 22nd bday (it falls on Feb 28th).

Babe you're the bestest! Friend, sister and partner in crime all rolled into one! Some of my favorite times, I've had with you. You know how to crack me up and how to heal my :heart: when it's broken, and for that I couldn't wish you enough good bday wishes. May you have everything your heart desires and then some :)

Get ready for the weekend...think we'll survive it? ;)

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Oh my...I'll be surely looking for those spankings :moon:

Regina big smoochies babes, luv ya.

Clubkat...my favorite whore;)

Spragga...babes join me tonight and cum out woo hoo

Jon..babe cum out and play babes as well:tongue:

Tasty...I'll be awaiting the spankings;)

Trancend...thanx my sweets...I can't wait to see ya suga

Apples...babe I'llbe your new b/f, I'll take DG's bent over space..;)

BTW, thanx DG..muah


Lina..kisses babe...muah

MJP...hey babes..how are ya doin..miss ya big hugz

Marci, Randall, Mssabina..thanx chicas

Phatman...waitin to show me the way greeks celebrate:tongue:



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Awwww....I feel so much :love:

Carl...my babes..I can't wait to see ya muahz. I miss ya

NYCmuzik..babes ::gets on one knee:: Will you be my curling partner? ::bats eyelashes::

Nitro...tease:tongue: I'm already in my birthday suit

legend...how have u been hun...spanks for ya :moon:

Orig...will I be seeing that fine PR/guatamalen ass this weekend.. Shake it for me baby;)

somebitch..back at ya :licker:

chula & synderella..thanx chicas...spank me baby

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