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Lying awake.

The candles flicker.

The tensions in the air,

Growing nothing but thicker.

Allowing myself,

To slip out of my mold.

And tap into,

This heart of gold.

To the reserves of you,

And where you once lived.

To the memories of laughter,

And you...all too vivid.

I lie there still

Staring at the shadows surrounding

Allowing myself to feel these things,

THat were left behind before we found them.

I sometimes think,

To feel these things,

Is not so bad.

But then I remember,

What was there,

And what we no longer have.

No ice in my veins,

You've melted me clean.

Nothing but warmth in my heart,

Is what you've seen.

But so I move on

One foot in front of another

But knowing I'm not all there,

I'm me, undercover.


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