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Ladies, Stuff Magazine Contest!

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The Women of 39th and Sixth


Hot Women Here!

Know a very attractive woman? OK, know someone who knows a very attractive woman? No? You’re useless. Well, if you meet one, send her to Sixth Avenue, between 39th and 40th streets, in NYC on March 7, between noon and 2pm. The incentive? A chance to do a shoot with Stuff or even win a modeling contract—for her, not you. What kind of operation do you think we’re running here?

Ever pass a beautiful woman on the street and mentally undress her—as you walk under a bus? We’re here to save your life. Every month, four of our very special interns will spend three hours outside our offices at 1040 Sixth Avenue, asking the hottest women they see the simple question that every guy wants to ask: “Excuse me, you're beautiful, so would you mind taking off most of your clothes so we can get your picture?” Many are asked. Some say, “Sure.” Some say, “Police!” But in the end, only one can appear here. Meet the best-looking woman to pass 39th and Sixth this month…

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