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Girls shaving their...

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Originally posted by happykittn


Anyone do it? A couple girlfriends of mine do... seems like it'd be a pain, growing back darker/thicker and all. Anyone bleach?

Asian so there isn't any hair on my arms to shave,

~kitten >o.O<

I did it once a long time ago, when i was younger. But i will never do it again. I really dont know why i did it in the first place. It does bother when it groed back and it groes back worse than it started.

If you are going to get rid of that hair, your best bet is to have it waxed. Although I wouldnt recommend any of it.

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Yuck! A friend of mine has fairly thick dark hair on her arms so she bleaches it. I tried that once; I was so mad because it made my skin lighter too!

But the hair on my arms is extremely fine and light naturally; by the middle of the summer it looks shimmery blonde when the light hits it. It looks pretty cool against dark skin.

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