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Take A Look At My Bike

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Originally posted by fluidnyc

Hey Avalondon:

This is gonna sound crazy, but I didnt make this topic either :)

I can care less if someone wheres boxers or briefs :D

Just letting ya know..


Yea bro, I know. Its just that posting "test" threads makes the board look messy. When I saw it, I changed the name to a thread that just wouldnt have the word "test"..

I guess boxers or briefs is kind of a stupid topic..

How about.."Take a Look At My Bike!"

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Tripping out or having a weird relapse..im saying to myself how the f**k did that happen, especially sticky...ha

You could of left the topic i didnt care, i was just letting ya know, I'd rather have my bike between my legs than boxers or briefs anyhow :tongue:

Thnx! :rolleyes:

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