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Kuro, Joeygk, DarkAngel - You've got some MP3's coming

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I queued up six MP3 sets in your Satellite queues through the group. Five of them are one's I recorded. The sixth is the Saeed & Palash from Yo! Radio. Next time you log into AG, it should start downloading off your queue.

Just a note:

Tribal & Tribulation - I recorded last night. So some fresh tracks from my latest record binge.

Foreplay and Climax are parts one and two of a 2 1/2 hour set I recorded. Obviously, Foreplay comes before Climax. Unless you're a two pump chump. Where Climax may come during Foreplay.

Deep & Hard is my demo from last year.

The Saeed & Palash was recorded off of Yo! Radio. If you've ever been to Yoshitoshi's site, you'll know that their Real Audio Server can't handle a lot of load. So there may be some distortion in the recording at times. I haven't listened to the MP3 all the way through. If it gets annoying, we can try to re-record off the site.

Kuro - I'm expecting some of your recordings to come through now. Get on it! :D

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