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Ideal dick size question... with a twist

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One more time... girls, what would the "Perfect Dick" look like to you? Length, girth, circumcised or not...

What's the biggest you'd go, and the smallest you think you could be pleasured by?

Length: I like 'em 6-7"

Girth: I should just be able to wrap my hand around it... not TOO fat, or it hurts

Max: 7.5"... I don't know if I could handle 8... little Asian girls weren't built to handle equipment that size!

Min: Maybe 5" or so? Still kinda thick though... I can't fathom anything say, pencil-thin being satisfying... feel free to disagree?

Circumcised/not: not... but I'm always open to new experiences :D

Oh... and if I could make it absolutely *perfect*... it would curve slightly upwards ;)

Really should get back to working on my paper,

~kitten >^.^<

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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...... :D

Going, going.... thank you mommy... :heart:

But talking about male genitalia is so much more interesting than contemplating what transnational forces regulate the flow of labor in terms of globalization,

~kitten >O.o<

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Well since my 8" Realistic is just *too* big for comfort (not that that stops me...), I guess ideal would be 6" and medium wide, like um... 3" across i guess... otherwise I'm totally open; cut or not cut, curved or straight... ALL GOOD! goddam, now I'm thinking about the ideal cock, talk about all dressed up and nowhere to go!



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Damn... that was honestly the WORST paper I've EVER written in my entire life. *sigh* I could use a hug right now.........

chadc ~ heck yeah... that webpage is definitely outdated. Somebody hacked into my account a few months back, so I haven't been able to take it down/fix it since. I had a TERRIBLE experience with emodels... forked over the $500 fee and everything two summers ago, after being persuaded to by one of my friends, who worked as a "model scout." When he and I realized the thing was a scam, I got their street address, talked to the big guns, threatened to report to them to the Better Business Bureau of Florida... and you'd better believe they changed their tone and offered me a full refund, plus "free" exposure on their site as long as I didn't act on my threat (I can be a bitch when I have to :D ). I was just happy to get my money back... lesson learned, NEVER pay an agency ANYTHING. They take their cut from the jobs they get you... I feel sorry for all the lost souls who have yet to realize they're pissing their money away. The emodel.com operation is SO sketch. :( Anyway, the whole modeling bit is just a hobby. I'm busy finishing up my last semester of school, so whatever jobs come, come...

Trying to return to sex-not-school-mode,

~kitten >o.O<

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