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going through it 411

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The actual version is NOT out and prolly wont be for a while..maybe never after all this friggin hype....could be one of those tracks that never gets released...

but the last and final edit i did is the closest ur gonna get to an original....i've heard all the other edits...paul botz..chris p..etc...and they're not 2 good..

mine has NO elements of "fear" or the "garth dub"....has a beginning and an end....seamless loops of the 1 ill minute w/ a couple effects thrown in..and its 10:21...so if urs aint 10:21 u got one of the shitty edits..hehe...and that's that....PEACE ;)

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i dont know alot of info on this trak.

PAUL BOTZ is some kid at my school who made it on his comp and sent it out to 1 kid to see what was going to happen.

paul is his middle name., botz is his freinds name "vinny bombotz"..

so that mix is bogus. comp generated. prob fruity loops or somthing...

im sure you pepz knowwwwwwwww.. i saw the posts on other boardssssss.

clubhead. womp.

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