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The Job Market Sucksss...

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Blah...All I do is apply and apply and apply and all I get is Nothing...Seeems like all the jobs out there require loads of experience(which I dont have since I am a recent College grad)...I really hope soon that the market will become an employee market(meaning that there are more jobs than employes as opposed to now where its an employer market-more people than jobs)..I"ve read and heard that in the next couple of months things will change. More jobs will open up and things in NYC will start to improve...I hope so cause working in my current job suxsssssssssssssss.......

Sorry about writing such a negative post. I needed to vent and thought this would be a good place to do it :mad: :mad:

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I am a Computer Information Systems major.

You ever post your resume on monster.com or any of those places?

PM ReginaP, she is a job recruiter, maybe she can hok you up with something

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