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Mag you rock to with you numerous attempts to contct me everything but smoke signals!! ROMY you should know. You enjoy when people get made fun of. I see you love participating in that.

I guesss Dave's gonna be doing the switch thing every month or something now lol

refer to above as to why mod's have changed:idea:

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Ok, now, I have been a member of clubplanet for almost 2 years. In these 2 years, I have NEVER EVER started any kind of drama, OR talked bad about ANYONE! AT ALL!

Yes, I do admit that there was a comment made somewhere and yes I laughed and also made a comment.

But I mean (and Im not gonna say a name cause they know who Im talking about) you and I have talked what like once? And that was a few days ago about a certain topic that was posted.

When you said "people that talk shit about our family here get the boot!" you made it sound like I was saying all this bad stuff about all the people on clubplanet, which I totally did not do or have EVER done.

I mean in the past there have been people who have made comments about me, but did I make such a big deal about it? no

Did I go running and tell someone about how someone was saying stuff about me? no

I was just like whatever.

I mean we see people talking bad about other people on clubplanet all the time!!! And what happens? Nothing

But Im gonna stop right now cause this is being taken toooo seriously.

oh and btw why were smokesum and avalondon taken off?

Well, have a nice day:D

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