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Leaves or Extract?

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What up everyone - I've been reading the board for a while so i decided to finally register and start joining in on some of the conversations (hope you don't mind!)

Anyway i have a question for anyone who has used Salvia. What is the difference between smokin leaves and smokin extract. As far as i can tell it just seems to be a difference in potency - but is there a greater difference than that? I'd assume it's a stronger trip, right? I was going to make purchase but didn't know which to buy, any suggestions or experiences?

Thanks and nice to finally post with everybody


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Hey Trainwrecked, what's up? I don't know exactly the potency variation between Salvia extract and leaves, it partially depends on which extract you purchase. There's a good amount of salvia information available at Erowid.com. What part of Rhode Island are you from?

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I would start with the 5X extract, the leaves require a shitload and it is tough to break through, the 10X can send you running for your mommy, but you cant run because the world has folded around you and your mommy is a green motorized praying mantis.

BTW noone seems to break through the first few times they smoke it, but then bam! the world will never be the same.

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