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I was a very young teenager when i started out with drugs, in the beginning it was marijuana...…..I turned on the radio and sat back down, began to light the joint, long deep breaths, smelling the smoke, tasting the flavor and waiting for the kick...and then it hit me.……..this experience overwhelms me….at 8pm I took one of the microdots, I was waiting for something, anything, to happen…but nothing, nothing happened for an hour, and because of my impatience I took the second microdot…..and only a short twenty minutes later, I realized, this was the wrong choice, it was way too much, this was the wrong choice, and then it hit me, and then it really hit me, and then it really hit me……..ONCE I CAME TO MY SENSES, it occurred to me how difficult it was to remember what exactly I was thinking of at the time I was on drugs, drugs, drugs…..in fact, most of it was like a feeling, like the sensation I get when listening to music,….MUSIC: a cheaper…safer…DRUG….music is my drug.

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