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Scammin 94.5 and TILT

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Okay...here's my story.

On Halloween my boyfriend "supposedly" won first prize in the costume contest for being the American Flag. First place won a cruise for two, all expenses paid to the Bahamas. This was almost 4 months ago. So Danny and I were extreemly excited as you can imagine.

It took a month and a half to ever recieve anything and all we got was a vochure for the cruise. Nothing about airfare. We also had to pay $100 deposit and $90 processing fees. Took another couple weeks to find out what the deal was w/airfare. They said that once we get the dates for the cruise they will take care of the airfare.

So we go ahead and send the vochure away...only to have to come back a couple weeks later saying that it is VOID!!!:eek:

So we get in touch w/94.5 and they send us out another form. We go ahead and resend this one...GUESS WHAT???


This was last Thursday. The man that has been dealing w/this said that he would resolve this right away. But NOTHING is being done.

Anyone have any ideas what we should do? I think this is terrible serivce. We were so excited when we won this..now I sort of wish it never happened:(

I am just getting so annoyed and I need some help.

Thats my story..thanks for listening


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If they don't take care of you within the next couple of weeks, I would contact some type of better business bureau. Or maybe even bring you story to like some news agency see if they can do something for you. It almost looks like you guys might be out of luck. BASTARDS!!!

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I just can not believe they are doing this. Tilt and 94.5 advertised giving away $20,000 in prizes. Now there was 5 winners. We got #1.

#2 and 3 won trips to New York and

#4 and 5 skiing.

I think we have some false advertsing going on here.:rolleyes:

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Just to update you all...ITS GETTING WORSE

Since then, the rep that we deal with keeps lying to us. Last week he told us that we are now going to get a 7 trip to anywhere in the US like Cali or FLA. He said that he is waiting for the package from the company to come in and then he would send it to us.

So a week goes by and no package. I called him yesterday to find out what was going on and he said he would find out where it is and call me back. He never called me back...what a surprise:rolleyes:

I called him again today and expressed my anger and that I was not putting up w/this anymore. It has gone on long enough.

He told me that he would take care of it ASAP. ya ya ya

Then he called me back and said that his boss wants him to work on getting me the three day cruise again. WHAT??? So you went from giving me a 7-Day trip back down to a 3-Day Cruise???


Then I called and tried to speak w/a mgr and NONE of them will take my calls. I can't take much more of this. I thought that radio stations are in the business iof giving trips away. Why would they treat their listeners like this:confused:

Sorry...I just had to vent:mad:

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Originally posted by kaydup

I am telling you call one of the TV stations. Especially because you already gave them money. Call Fox or Channel 7 they will eat this shit up

Yeah, you should seriously do this... Fox would LOVE to get their hands on a story like this (next at 10, local radio station involved in contest scam... you could be next). Not to mention your boyfriend dressed like the American Flag... they eat that shit for breakfast!!

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