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My Nightmare


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Ok....I woke up this afternoon in the freakiest state...

I usually can't remember my dreams too clearly, but I remember that I was w/ this guy...the face was a little vague, but I have an idea of who it was....So anywho...the scenerio in this dream was we were with a bunch of people, and he spoke of me as his girlfriend.

Now, I dunno why this should have freaked me out...cause I'm usually not about things being "labeled"....but I swear, I woke up...with the unsafest feeling I think I have ever had. I had to jump up, get a glass of water...and call my best friend just to hear a familiar safe voice.

I was able to finally go back to sleep for a little while...but it was a very interuppted weary sleep....I'm so freaked out....what's the deal?


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