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Young Frankenstein

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My favorite track ever....only a select few (whoever Tronco gave it to) had it at first, starting back at the beginning of 01...now its leaked to more and more people. There are some bootlegs on AudioGalaxy, not sure if there is a clean version of it out there....but anyway....


Anyone else agree??????:eek:

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Guest saleen351

11-23-01, that is the date that I got mine......... song is nothing great, not sure what the hype was about.........

13.6 mbs is the size........

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I got it from Robbie a while back...just wanted to see what others thought about it too. Your right tho, when Mica performs it live its FAWKIN unbelievable.

I think the songs so great because the drums are so hard and progressive, for like 6 minutes straight, then bang, these sweet melodic violin strings headlock the crowd and then bang all of a sudden the drums and the violins together. Very "yin-yang".

Perfect composition if i say so.

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Originally posted by bigart

I made it available to the public, for listening and experimental purposes ,

i didint leak it:bigfinger

hehehe :D

who ever used the word leak?? lol

it was all for experimental purposes..... i experimented burning it... works fine! :) :)

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