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Everyone has some cool things on their sigs & avatar, and I wanted to put my own thing on here but I don't have a clue on where to start. Can any of u old skool peeps out there help me get started? Thanks!

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Originally posted by dafunkadelic

Yup we do, still thankfull for helping me out in the beginning, X.

Oh and listen to Codica, that realy sounds like the best thing to do. Hope you will work it out :shades2:

Did you make that sig man? I like it.


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Originally posted by dafunkadelic

Tnx!!! Yes, I did, it's as personal as it can get. All of the things I like and do in live combined in one sig. With a sunset as background (that's why it's kinda orange).

Transparencies are awesome dude, nice job. I am sick of my current sig, I am in the process of making a new one.

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the easiest thing to do is to go to another message board and create a thread called "just a test" for example.

In this thread you can upload your pic from your pc and then coppy the attachement to your sig in your profile.

In this way, you don't have to worry about losing your sig, since it's always in your testthread at CP.

Good luck!!!!

P.S., make sure to put in in IMG tags for example [im g]http:// .....etc. the / is verry importent at the last tag.

Oh and close the space between the m and g in the first tag, I needed to place it in order to make an excample.

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