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Request: Luz Divina lyrics


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Well.....heres IN YOUR EYES....

Your eyes bright and blue as the sky

Deeper than the sea

Warm as the sun

And peaceful as a light breeze

Your eyes capture me in an instant

And keep me hynotized

And I get lost everytime in your eyes

Ever since that day

That you looked into my eyes

I knew I wanted to be yours forever

And baby late at night

Your're all I think about

I know..that we belong together

And here we are

In each others arms

And Im praying that we never have to part


Sometimes I'm so scared

I'd lose this perfect love

My life is tied to yours forever

And since I've found you

I dont know what I'd do

If you and I arent together

You give me life

In a way that I

Will never be able to describe

((JP WORKIN THE CHORUS))....wump wump wump :woah:

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Originally posted by tranza

I think her CD comes out tomorrow..but its more on the R&B tip

May have some of the lyrics though...worth a look...

lol where do people come up with these things :laugh2:

The RUMORs meassage boards of course...where else?!?..:laugh:

Everyone loves a little Luz rumor....:rolleyes:

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