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my mouth HURTS!!!!


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Damm I remember when I had impacted wisdoms, arg...

I had to get put to sleep like a dog, so they can take um out.

I thought it was all good, after the surgery, few days down the line I healed to quickly, and smoked a butt or 2 and wound up with a dry socket. TRUST ME!! YOU DONT WANT THAT!!

The fucker had me come in, and opened the hole up, then took they god forsaken METAL HOOK, and had to scrap the inside to get the blood flooing again. Worst experience ever!!

Mouth pain is the worst!

Good Luck Klohe~ :D

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Originally posted by boywonder77

But on the bright side you'll get a bunch of percosets. their great.

ouch. i had them taken out about 4 years ago... they put me under but i woke up half way through it for like 10 seconds... that was kinda strange but i didnt feel the pain.

and for percs... this is when i discovered i was allergic to them. i go so sick off them :puke: was not fun experience -- was out of work for like 3 days

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