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Christ, why the fuck do hard-ons pop up at the damndest of times???

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I mean all i was trying to do is drive to a job interview today and the fuckin thing would not stop trying to escape. No doubt, having a dick can be a REALLLLLLLLLLL hassle sometimes, specially when u get to the place and are about to get out of yer car and be professional and yer like...ughhhhhhhhh...ughhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK i cant get out yet...umm...baseball....um....bea arthur naked....um....and then like once yer out, its gone, everything is ok again....till u go back in yer car to yer next destination. Hmmm, maybe i should rotate my tires to lessen the extra road vibration not to mention jersey roads dont help either. :idea:

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Brickhouse, first you upload the pic from your comp and attach to your message. Then you open up the pic once your msg is posted on the board and at the top of the new window should be an address that looks something like :


Then you go to edit/delete your post and edit your post by copying and pasting that address between and and you should be good to go. Same goes for sigs.


PS - It took me about an hour and half to figure it out the first time around so I thought I'd spread the wealth around.

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