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E in Amsterdam?????

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Since getting pills here is getting to be a full-time job, I was thinking about making a trip to Amsterdam. Just wanted to know how difficult and how reliable the E there is, also what $ does it go for there???

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If you know where to go you can pick up Really great rolls for about $1.25 each sometimes less, as for the "ok" rolls your looking at about $0.25-$0.75 depends on what your buying....

This is in large amounts say 5-10 thousand at a time. Then you have to figure out how you want to get them back to the USA. Which before 5/11 was alot easyer now its a pain in the ass.

Its also usful to know theres only about 12 American Custom dogs that can actully smell E and it helps to know which airports they are located at. =)

Other than that take a weeks vacation over there and then fly out of germany and back here to home.

Ofcoarse i have no idea what i,m talking about and would never do such a thing :D

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