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Rain....ahhh...I really do love it. As long as I'm indoors....I swear...it's so soothing.

Right now I'm just sitting in my office, listening to Sarah McLachlin(sp?) wishing I was home all cuddeled up with a certain someone watching mushy gushy movies ....

of course plenty of wine and candelight around too....:D

<<sigh>>....anyone else?

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i dunno... i don't like rain cause i hate grey downcast days... they're kinda depressing...:worry2: buuttt... when it is raining, i guess it's not too bad to sit inside and watch movies and stuff... since i don't have a sweetie, it's usually with my girlies...

i def. like sunny days more... but sun showers during the summer are really cool~ :D

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Originally posted by romy20

I hate rain!!!

No actually what I hate is that in between drizzle misty rain, I HATE THATTT

:mad: :mad:

i hate that too...but i LOVE a good storm...gives you a nice relaxing "you" day--and great with a special someone too(if you aren't single :()

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U wanna talk about storms... how bout a twister. Now that's fuckin nuts.:eek: I saw one down in panama city. There was a black spiral swooping across the ocean and 30 seconds after it pasted, boom, it's raining buckets. The girls who were suppose to be in the wet t-shirt contest went out there anyway, & there were a couple of crazy mother fuckers skinny dipping.

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