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My lil story about Xtc

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aight here i go iam going to start yapping about xtc iam not going to put anyone down for using it though iam just giving my story about it:) I started doing e when i first started dating this one kid that used to go to parties. So my first e pill wasnt the real thing and it turned out to be dxm. Not a good thing to do since i layed on the floor feeling dead and out of my body for like 6 hours. After that i STILL tryed another one. And it was good. It got alittle bit out of hand though. Every time i went to a partie i would think about it. After i got rid of the guy that was getting me into alot of trouble with drugs and stuff that wasnt really me i met this one guy that i have been dating for a while now. It was hard to get off pills but it came down to the point that if i wanted to be happy with this person it was either pills or him. I dont know if you guys have ever been in the situation that i was in but it was the most hardest thing in the world for me to do back then. iam not quite sure why iam posting this but i just had to give my input about e. My point is i had a prob and i didnt know it and i know madd kids out there have probs just like i did. And i hate to see kids go down the road that i went down cause i wasnt going anywhere.

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its really hard once u get into drugs and the scene (at least to me) to keep a good life going and not do one or the other..some people can do drugs..party..work..goto school and keep themselves afloat and out of trouble..not many people can do all those things at once and usually something will go downhill...the people (and me) that used to be in the scene either picked drugs or their life there didnt seem to be a middle ground...its not a long term thing i dont think and usually you will grow out of it and you have to either pick the scene (and the shit that comes with it) or your life and go from there...we all have to try things and youll come to that fork in the road if u havent already...it just depends on how many paths are in front of u and which one u choose...for the most part drugs will keep u back from things in life and prevent u from your full potential in some things...but thats part of that choice is realizing this and accepting it..i lost out almost 8 yrs of my life (not goin to school, not havin a good job) to drugs and i always kick myself because now i feel that i am behind in life...but im doing what i can to catch up...

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i hear that. I couldnt do school, life or anything while i was doing all that stuff. I will never forget the first essay i had to write in my senior year of high school. It wasnt a huge one but it was proving that you were put in the right class. Which i was in some upper class of english. anyway i went to a party the night before and got all messed up. it was my first time taken anything and i got really sick and passed out. When i got my paper back it was a huge see me in red on it. Not what i was expecting to see. But that didnt stop me. I guess i had my heads too much in the clouds until this year. But iam defin trying to get caught up with things that i have missed thru out those years. I think we are in the same boat. Anyway if you ever need someone to talk too yo iam here for ya:) Hugs ya

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