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I'm getting fired today, I think!

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ok..so my boss has a 10 am meeting and the man phones and I go down to get him...there is a group of people to one side of the lobby and a man standing alone on the other so I ASSUME this is our guy. I introduce myself and say "are you here to see Ed?" he nods and shakes my hand. I bring him upstairs and goes into the office. The doors close and the meeting begins...or so I thoguht...

10 minutes later my phone rings and this man says "I'm still waiting for someone to come get me for Ed..." Completely taken off guard I tell him I'm coming downstairs and bring him up...:confused:

It turns out the first guy I brought up was here for a completely different meeting! Oh God, I hope I don't get fired! When I was taking him up to the meeting he was supposed to be at he laughed about it...he said "it's the end of the week and I got to meet 2 people I wasn't supposed to but I'm glad I did, it's cool" It put me at ease but I can't wait to hear the backlash from my boss who may not find it quite so humorous.

This may quite possibly be my last entry from work! :worry:

Please tell me it'll be ok!

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awwwww, dont worry chica!!!!!

really it'll be ok, i get paranoid at work all the time, i don't think your boss will be that upset that he'll fire you, it was an honest mistake

it sounds like you work at a big company...so if your performance at work has been ok, your boss can't fire you for one mistake, you can always complain to human resources anyhow, that' s no grounds to fire an employee

hope it helps, feel better luv

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