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OT help?

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ok so you all know i own a condo in canton and i am trying to rent it out still. :(

so my friend just called me and passed the phone to her realtor. she has a client that has been trying to buy a unit in my Complex for the past three months. The realtor said that not even looking at the condo, she can get me at least $145,000 to $150,000 for the sale!!!! for various reasons i had decided not to sell, but this may be too good. one being i am afraid fo the taxes. so my question is.... (obviously for the accountants out there) does anyone know what massachusetts taxes (%'s) on property sales ????

one thing i do know that i will fall under a federal tax exemption (gains under $250,000) with this offer i can stand to make a possibly $75,000 on this.... but i dont want to lose this to Uncle Sam


a very confused girl :confused:

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