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OT....I was having the PERFECT day......then...


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...my car scrapes up against the side of my building while I'm pulling into my driveway!!!!! I'm not like a bigtime schmuck or anything....but my driveway is SUPER narrow...and I was trying to ease up, cause I saw a car pulling out while I was pulling in....and then I cut my wheel.....and it was all over...My Pretty Kitty is hurt...

not all that bad...but she's bruised....and so is my <3....

:( :( :(

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Originally posted by clo

that sucks......I have been there many many times....

Me too:half:

Once, i almost drove into a gas pump, which would have been quite a calamity. Thank goodness they have those metal rail guards to protect from damage.

Just get a jeep like i do, and you won't worry about nicks and scratches ;)

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