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My experience with Adderall


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Well last Sunday after I came home from SF, AND I was still kinda rolling, for some reason I decided to take an adderall.

I dont know dont ask I just did lol

So I take one. Blah blah blah, and hour goes by, and I feel nothing.

Sooooo, my thinking im being smart decides to take another one!

ok well Im fine, THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN OMGGG lol

i was jumping, I felt soooo alert, I couldnt stop moving wtf

But I felt so HAPPYYY lol

Then I talked to my friend and he said that he took adderall one time and I think kept him up for a day or 2 lol

So at night i was toooo awake to go to sleep so I just took a couple of perocets to calm me down and they worked nicely.

But I dont think that was a smart idea, cause the next day, I looked BEYOND cracked out.

My mom even made a comment about how I looked wtf

But it was a nice experience


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