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DOWNTOWN Friday April 19th (Taj , Klute, Dissolvent, Focus)

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Relode, Proper, and Inside-Chicago.com invite you_



Friday April 19th 2002

Vision Nightclub

Complimentary Cocktail Reception 10 to 11

hosted by_relode


Room One_ by Relode

TAJ_ San Francisco (Spundae, United States of Consciousness, Dubcoast)

Taj has been djing since 1991. A local San Fran legend voted the most versatile DJ in the city. His diverse style has left him with two presitgous residencies. One with Spundae, the other with United States of Consciousness. His sound varies from progressive house to funky house to breakbeat. Taj is here for one reason: to rock Chicago. In his sets he creates an open door to free your mind and body and take a journey deep within.

listen to Taj _


DISSOLVENT_(Relode, Q101 Sonic Boom, SOC/SOM )

Zeke has quickly gained national recognition for his turntable skills. He has recently gained a residency on Q101's Sonic Boom by playing such a unique style of breakbeats. For this event watch his sound develope as he brings a whole new element. Known for compositions of sound, that front as DJ sets, which flow smoothly by key. Dissolvent truly represents the nu induced sound.

CASPER_ (Heavyweight Sound, SJC)

Casper has focused on pushing the sound of UK garage. Over the last two years, Julian has become the number one two step DJ in the United States (URB magazine). In July 2000, he became the first American DJ to play UK garage in London, dropping massive sets at Liberty and on Life FM. Casper maintains a busy schedule spreading the two step vibe through out the States.


The Lair_by Proper

(Canvas Record Release Party)

KLUTE_UK (Metalheadz, 31 Records, Cert 18)

The sounds of Klute have been the cutting edge of Drum and Bass for close to a decade. Tom Withers, the production force behind Klute, fuses elements of techno with intricate beats and emotive arrangements to form a distinct hybrid of Drumand Bass. This style has landed him on some of the most exclusive Drum and Bass labels in the world, Metalheadz. Witness Klutes first ever Chicago appearence and celebrate yet another new realease by this prolific artist on our very own Chicago based Canvas Recordings.

listen to Klute_(Klute begins at the 1 hour and 28 minute mark.)


FOCUS_(bassdrive.com, Nemcron, NuUrban UK)

KEVIN CUNNINGHAM_ (Canvas, Madbass)

TEMULENT and J INITIAL (Canvas, Ohm Resistance)

DR. GROO_ (Jungle Book)

RUCKUS_ (I.A.M. Collective)


MC BLACKEYE (Brockout)


visual and performance art_

Peoples Republic of Delicious Foods


Setting your clubbing envoirnment.


downtown hosts_


Showing you how to party.


Vision (312.266.1944)

"Imagine the perfect nightclub."

640 North Dearborn

Chicago, IL

10pm_4am 21+

Dress Casual

$10 Cover


www.relode.com (847.604.4194)

[email protected]


[email protected]



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