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Today (3/25) - Proton Radio showcase - Dave Wagz + DJ Dres

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for all you clubber's stuck at work...

tune into www.protonradio.com (streaming mps .pls) from 3-5:30 today.

featuring local wonder boy DJ Dres and a guest mix by myself (dave wagz)




Dave Wagz 3/24/02

Pat Foosheen – Sola Fide

???? - ???? (Kismet)

Vince Watson – Bubbles (Loudeast Dirty Remix)

Tilt – Headstrong (Sorrento Terrace Mix)

G-Pal – I Can See the Lights

Dirty Vegas – Days Go By (Lucien Foort Mix)

Envy – Falling

Datar – U

16B – The Game (Marcelo Castelli Remix)

Tarrentella – Karma (Way Out West Remix)

Tracklistings: DJ Dres - Chez Moi

01.)Mitja Prinz - Jack Crack [blaou]

02.)Prototype - La Caldera (Original mix) [Tune Inn]

03.)Smith & Lavelle - Escape (The Dark) [Pod]

04.)Chonga - The Quantum Gospel (Sleepfreaks Remix) [Mechanism]

05.)Way Out West - Mindcircus (Tarrentella:Redanka Vocal mix) [Distinctive]

06.)Southern Comforter - Another Late Thursday (Spincycle remix) [Automatic]

07.)Blue Noise - Modular [slide]

08.)Trigger - Rollercoaster (Pablo Gargano Bonus remix) [Acetate]

09.)Kenny Shifter - Six (Main mix) [Fluid]

10.)Way Out West - Mindcircus (Fred Numf vs Etienne Overdijk remix) [Distinctive]

11.)Organica - Access Denied [Eve promo]

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