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addicted to nips...

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id rather get a tube of that gel candy and torture my lady with it for awhile....whatever makes you happy.

My favorite candy though is the white sticks that come with fun dip....not the dip itself...just those white sticks....better then crack..lol.

they made a candy called "Mummies" that was just those white sticks...but they were flavored...i ate two packs of them...i almost went to the hospital iw as soooo f'in sick...what a horrorshow..heh

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Originally posted by marcid21

the candy that is...there so f'n good! I think i just ate like 4 of em....

Peanut Butter Parfait is the only way to be!

I thought they were called 'nibs', or are they something else?, maybe a Canadian candy...:rolleyes:

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