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Anyone still sleep with a stuffed animal?


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Originally posted by romy20

I do lol

I sleep with my skunk lol you know Flower from Bambi lol

He goes everywhere with me even on vacation lol:D :D

aaaww......i used to have THUMPER!! ......but yea..i am a major nuggler...so stuffed aminals are always welcome...

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~~~i used to have all my 30+ stuffed animal sitting on my bed, but they were aking up too much space so no wijust have 3 with me....i dont hug them tho but they keep me company:D i always take one with me on vacation...........and i cuddle with one when i have that time of the month and im all cranky.....also when i watch scary movies by myself at home i need to have one with me:tongue: im a baby :bounce:

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I have a couple that keep me company! One of my favorites is a dog named Kipper. He talks with a British accent when you squeeze his paw and says cute things like "Hello you" and "You're so clever!". Kipper has his own cartoon show and line of books and videos! Oh yeah!!


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