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Gantizing ..anyone..anyone???


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since im taking human sexuality in school i decided it'd be nice of me to share some of the vile things that i have to sit through 2 times a week..


what u are looking at is called gantizing..described as sticking ones hand up someones ANUS..the sketch and the painting r from the Sistine Chapel and are by Michaelangelo..seems like the dude was into that way back then..Now heres the kicker..the X-RAY was taken by my Esteemed proffessor himself..seems he found an x-ray tech , one dude who likes to b gantized, and another who likes to gantize..and well..the rest is there for u to c..enjoy

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Wow so I guess Michelangelo was into all that?

Ive seen other pics of that though.

One time I saw this guy sticking his wholeeeee hand and half of hs arm, he stuck it all the way in up to his elbow.

Now what I wanna know is, how is that possible?

Dont you hit anything inside or rip or damage anything?

and how does ur asshole not rip?

lol im just curious lol

btw not really about the topic but did anyone see the pic of the guy, they had it on rotten.com, who hadda go to the hospital and get a potatoe and a jellyjar taken outta his asshole lol

I guess it got stuck lol

Kinda graphic though

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ehe well to answer the asshole ripping question..it seems like they lube that ass up real well and that the Gantizer puts vaseline all over his arm..so i guess he can get up in there..o and i think that the X-ray there is of the dude stickin his arm up to the elbow

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but if you stick it up all the way to the elbow, doesnt that go in too deep or soemthing.

It seems like it can reach the stomach, even though it doesnt but u know what i mean.

btw how come i did a search for gantizing and got no results, is there another word for it?

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forgot to mention that little detail...the word was created by my proffessor..the page is from his book..when he saw this scene he didnt know what to call it so he used the word gantize..which he derived from French for the word GLOVE..i guess u can make the connection eheh

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