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Jackie Nova's Record is coming out this summer! I saw her website. DAMN, she is HOT!


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Jackie Nova, (of Jim Heinz's What You Mean To Me remix fame) is coming out with her first record this summer. You GOTTA check out www.jackienova.com

My god, she is a hottie. What a body! And the songs are really cool. It's more of an R&B/POP thing, but I'm sure Jim Heinz will be taking care of that in short order! (a new remix perhaps?) C'mon Jimmy, work it.

You can view all these hot pictures and listen to clips from the record at the site. It's pretty awesome!

I can't wait to hear what Jim's gonna do with this stuff!!!!


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Originally posted by bmw4jay

I hope you're in your younger teens, like Luz is. Or else we have a problem............:laugh:

Originally posted by BRIAN1500

She is an average looking girl. She is still young.

im def gonna hear it for this, but yes i am in my younger teens. 16 to be precise about things. ive heard luz was quite the hottie, shes 15 so im goods on that whole schpeil of things.

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You're crazy man, Jackie Nova is hot as hell. Maybe you're into blondes or white chicks or something, but as spanish girls like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, etc. go, Jackie Nova is freakin HOT. And she's got a way better body than all of them.

As for the music, I think the tracks up there on jackienova.com are the bomb!

My only question is, which one will Jim Heinz remix next?


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