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Idea about pressing up a vinyl: READ

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Got some prices on pressing up:

1000/$1600 ($1.60ea) *****

500/$1200 ($2.40ea)

100/$600 ($6.00ea)

Heres the idea:

4 people team up to put 4 cuts on the record and divide the cost/copies.

So using 1000...

Each one will recieve 250 copies for $400 (or $1.60 each)

What do you think?

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If you know anyone who really wants 250 copies of the same record, then I'm sure someone would be interested, but without distributorship you'll be stuck with a few unhappy people, not to mention copywriting costs, etc etc.

Better idea might be to get a larger group of people to all pitch in on getting a vinyl ripper. They run about $8000, and blanks run about a dollar. 50 people pitch in 200 each, each of em ends up with 40 new records pressed off of MP3s. Of course, it's probably just easier to get final scratch once the final version of it is out in a month.

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