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Love Zone !!!


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this is fuckin funny!!

By Jill McGivering

BBC South Asia correspondent


Police in the Indian city of Calcutta have thwarted a planned rally by young couples calling for a special "love zone".

The couples say they want somewhere to meet, talk and kiss in public without being harassed by the police.

Organisers hoped for about 200 couples.

In fact, about 30 people gathered for the protest, most of them teenagers.

Police prevented them from carrying out plans to march on city government offices and kiss there as a form of peaceful protest

Courting couples

The event was organised by a group called the Lovers' Organisation for Voluntary Exhibition (LOVE), which is campaigning for areas of India's cities to be set aside for courting couples.

They say so-called love zones would make it possible for couples to meet and talk freely before marriage, as well as express affection.

But the city's mayor says Calcutta already has plenty of parks and he accuses the group of wanting a love-making zone - something no administration could accept.

Arranged marriages are still the norm in India, where displays of public affection, even between married couples, are frowned upon.

Men hold hands with other men in public and women with women but for a man and woman to walk hand in hand is still considered improper.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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