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Great news!- 2 new FDA-Approved methods of birth control


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Very recently, the FDA approved two new methods of birth control (both for women of course, but what did you expect? :rolleyes: )

-The Patch- Similar to a Nicoderm Patch, except it's left on for an entire week. Three patches per month; on the fourth week no patch is worn so the woman can have her period.

-The Ring- a small flexible ring is inserted into the vagina (I think it encircles the cervix but I'm not sure). It's left in for three weeks, and is removed on the fourth week when the woman has her period.

They both contain the same hormones found in birth control pills, so if a woman cannot use the pill for any reason she cannot use either of these. So they are basically an old type of birth control, just in a different form, and perhaps easier to use. And they are supposed to cost about the same as the pill.

Some disadvantages:

The Patch- the most obvious is having to actually wear the thing; it tends to get a little scuzzy around the edges the way band-aids do; some people find them itchy or develop a mild allergic reaction to the adhesive. The patch will not come off in water, but using lotion might affect the adhesive.

The Ring- inserting it doesn't seem to be a problem, but some women have complained of some difficulty in removing it. There were no complaints regarding the fit, or about it interfering with sex in any way.

Both have already been FDA-approved, but I don't know if they're readily available yet. Ask your doctor or pharmacist! :D

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I read an article about the patch pretty recently ago. I dont think I would like to wear it...the ladies who tested it said that it got dirty like a band-aid or sometimes fell off after getting wet. I think for me it would be easier to remember taking a pill everyday, then remembering a patch once a week.

I dont really know anything about the ring one....but ehhh

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Originally posted by rammelsberg

Thanks for the info.

But I think the ring thing would be a problem, because I can see a problem with it getting poked off!!! Oh, and the patch would suck too. Isn't the pill prefereable?

According to the women interviewed in the article, getting the ring in and keeping it in was no problem... the only difficulty was removing it.

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